Kristin Santiago


Kristin Santiago is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and whacker currently living in the DC, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan area. Born and raised in Maryland, Kristin gained experience teaching and dancing in local dance teams and studios both in the community and when she lived in Los Angeles, California. Kristin has experience in being a dancer, instructor and choreographer throughout her years in both Maryland and California. Constantly adapting and creating avenues for her community. She strives to have the heart and mind of a student while sharing knowledge in all she learns through her journey.


Kristin draws her style from the idea and art of poetry and story-telling. She believes that freestyle is the essence of one’s true self, being how one introduces themselves without words. The pure movement and feeling allows one to represent their creativity and uniqueness. Training under a non-profit organization, Culture Shock in both DC and LA chapters- she has explored different avenues of her craft and creative side to continue doing what she loves wherever she resides. Teaching all levels of dance in both Whacking and in Choreography influenced by Hip Hop, she has taught in popular studios in the area such as Millennium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle, Quest Dance Studio and the Kinjaz Dojo.


Kristin hopes to continue to share and grow with her community through dance in all ways possible, opening avenues to more creatives in the world and connect everyone in every step of the way through her classes, programs and freestyle connections.