Kathleen Smith


Rebounding is an unparalleled high energy, yet low-impact workout conducted with rebound boots. Rebounding maximizes your workout while reducing the stress and impact on your joint. Yes, high energy can be low impact (and fun). You will burn more calories, up to 25-50 percent over more standard exercise classes, build muscle tone, increase core strength, and have the best cardio workout ever; all while moving to fantastic music. This is a full body workout that will keep you smiling while you sweat.

Kathleen started rebounding six years ago and fell in love with the variation of the workout, the music and the positive impacts it has on body and soul. She loves introducing this workout to beginners as well as working with advanced “jumpers.” It is all about having fun while getting healthy. Kathleen is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, licensed Kangoo Jumps instructor, certified PiYo instructor, and has co-produced the development of two distinct instructor training programs, one in dance fitness and one in rebounding.