Jaida Brooks


“A masterpiece and work in progress”, something that Jaida constantly reminds herself. Jaida Brooks has been an aspiring young professional dancer since the age of 3. 


Jaida has a background in competitive dance where she trained at C&C Dance Company, and has also with well-known choreographers such as Alec Clawson, Brian Friedman, Tessandra Chaves, and more.


Jaida is signed to an entertainment agency, Go 2 Talent Agency, in Los Angeles, CA. Jaida hopes to take her skills to the next level and pursue her professional career in dance. Jaida’s hope is to cultivate skills where she is able to grow in every aspect she can, and give back to those who paved the way for her. It is her prayer that one day she is able to inspire those around her through the art of dance, and pour every inch of wisdom and knowledge she may have, not just about dance but life itself.