Frequently asked questions

Class & Registration

Are Free Trial classes offered before enrolling?

We do not offer a free trial class. You can purchase a Drop In that will allow you to trial any individual class of your choice, before committing to a package or membership.

Can I watch my children/family/friends dance?

Yes, we have viewing windows outside each room. However, only students and faculty are permitted in the room.

Do you offer private lessons or room rentals?

We do! Please refer to the “Rentals & Privates” section located on the homepage of our website for more information.

How can I pre-register for class online?

Students are required to register early and secure their spots via Mindbody or the Cerdafied Studios app. Creating a profile with us is required to pre-register.

What if I sign up ahead of time for my class but then realize I can’t make it?

You have 2 hours prior to the class start time to drop out of a registered class at no cost. A late cancellation fee will be charged ($10 for fitness classes; $25 for dance classes) for no-shows and cancellations after that 2 hour window. This applies to both members and non-members to ensure all students have a fair chance to get into the class, as they will fill up FAST! If you are registered in class with a Drop In or a pass from your dance/fitness package, you will not be charged, but instead lose the class pass you registered with.

What is the length of each class?

Each standard class runs for 60 minutes, however, due to COVID we are operating with 55 minute classes. This will allow our staff to clean and sanitize each studio before the next class to prepare for the new group coming in. Industry level classes are typically 75 minutes, now running at 70 minutes.

How can I retrieve the class videos?

If class is recorded by one of our front desk staff members, videos will be available immediately to follow class at the exit doors with the discretion of the instructor and studio. If class is recorded on a professional camera, videos will be available within 48-72 hours.  Please reach out to your instructor to retrieve your video.

How do I know which class to sign up for?

When booking, please be aware of the verbage used in the class title as each class varies in skill level and age group. To help you out, there are descriptions provided under each class title when viewing the schedule. Here is a simple breakdown. 


[Kids] Recommended for children, ages 5 – 9.

[Open Youth] Recommended for ages 9 – 15. 

 No indication means it is an adult class recommended for ages, 16+.


101: Teaches the basic fundamentals and movements of the class style, will 

provide education on the fundamentals of technique. This entry level class is a perfect fit for beginners without previous experience.


Intermediate: This intermediate level class challenges students who are comfortable with the fundamentals of the choreography at a faster pace. Not quite advanced or industry-level, but more challenging than the beginner classes. 


Industry: This class is open to all ages but taught at an industry and professional level. This advanced level class will give you the experience of what the professional world of dance is about. Music and choreography are subject to be more explicit and taught at a fast pace. 

How do I make sure I have a spot in my favorite classes?

Pre-registration is highly recommended via MindBody or the Cerdafied Studios app. The following month’s schedule will be posted during the first week of each month, allowing you to reserve your spot up to a month in advance.

The class filled up before I had a chance to sign up. Should I still show up? What if I’m on the waitlist?

Even if a class is “full,” you can still pre-register to be added onto the wait list. While we cannot guarantee that a spot will free up or a student will no-show, we recommend calling the studio before the time you depart, where one of our front desk staff members can assist you in predicting the likelihood of you being placed in class. If a student has not shown up 5 minutes into class, we will allow you to enter in their place. If the class has full attendance, you will not be able to enter. We will try our best to find another class option for you.


How can I cancel my membership?

Effective January 1st, the Cerdafied Membership can only be cancelled after the 6-month agreement term has been completed. After the 6 months have been completed, the membership will be a month-to-month, no commitment, agreement. To cancel your membership, email

How can I freeze my membership?

Freezing a membership is permitted for a length of one month with a one time fee of $15, after emailing us at

Is there a membership registration fee?

Yes, there is a one-time payment of $29.99 to register as a member.

When will my membership dues be taken out each month?

Your payment will auto renew each month from the day you purchased.

How long do I have to use my purchased Drop In pass? Dance/Fitness Pack?

Drop-in passes stay on your account for 30 days after purchase date, where it will then expire. With packages, you have 12 weeks from the day of purchase to utilize your classes before they expire.


Do I have to wear a mask?

Per VA state mandate, masks are optional if you’re vaccinated.

What can I bring into the studio?

You can bring in your mask, keys and a water bottle. No bags will be allowed in the studio to ensure no extra germs are entering the facility. Please plan ahead and change in your car or bring in a change of clothes. All items can be placed in the cubbies behind Studio A or alongside the wall of each room.

What are you doing to ensure the studio is clean and COVID-free?

The facility has been treated with Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Virucide, a concentrated disinfectant, cleaner, fungicide and sanitizer that kills a broad spectrum of viruses including Hantavirus, E. Coli, Hepatitis B and C, Avian flu, staph, strep, SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and many other viruses and bacteria prior to re-opening the doors.

Additionally, the studio will be cleaned by professional cleaning services twice weekly instead of once weekly, with daily upkeep by our staff.