Cres Valencia


Cres Valencia is a Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher and DJ currently living in DC, Maryland Virginia metropolitan area. Found his love of dance in his hometown; Burtonsville, Maryland, As he started his professional dance journey with the Culture Shock DC family before moving to the West Coast, following both becoming a dancer, and member of Culture Shock LA.


Teaching all levels of dance, he has taught throughout the SoCal dance community and in studios such as LA Dance Connection and Soul1 Studio. As a teacher, he’s taught all levels of dance and contributed in the Youth Shock LA teams; Mini, Mighty and Future Shock LA. Cres pulls inspiration for his love of music in all forms from dance to djing, hoping to share, connect and grow with the community.


Cres has experience in teaching dance competitive teams, to always push the limit, and performance level with all styles. He has achieved awards and placed in Top 3 Overalls, Most Entertaining, Industry Award and more. He’s participated in competition shows such as Tremaine, KAR, Hollywood Connection and StarPower. Cres’ goal with his teams is to not only achieve their own individual goals but self-worth and team bonding with confidence in their journey.


Cres’s goals are to inspire and motivate his students to be the best they can be not only in dance, but in life. He wants to bring styles from which he trained from to his choreography and concepts for all his students to grow with every class to bring them closer to their own unique style.