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Ashley D. Blackwell, born in Richmond VA, was raised in the city of Alexandria where she began her dance journey in the fifth grade. Having started off taking a ballroom, wasp and grapevine class at a young age, she began to create her own choreography at the age of 11. In middle school, she was inspired to start her own dance team. Practicing and learning new styles of dance such as hip-hop and pop, she began performing at school talent shows. Ashley started choreographing at 15 and coaching dance and step teams. Her passion for dance also led her to explore the art of belly dancing.
Blackwell is trained in belly dancing, hip-hop, and pop but specializes in a fusion of these styles.
She has hosted dance battles, tournaments, and participated in non-profit organizations that help the youth through the art of dance, boxing, and academia. As co-leader of TBOC (Taking Back Our Community) Organization, she organized dance events and new members who were looking to join.